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Garnet Lash Society

Volume (Dual) Certification (includes Classic FREE)

Volume (Dual) Certification (includes Classic FREE)

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About This Course

What It Is

A successful career requires a balance of the mind, body, and soul of your business. We have mindfully thought out every detail of what you could possibly need to feel confident in pursuing this career, and included it in The Society Method

This is a bundle of courses that includes science and theory, detailed technique demonstrations, practice exercises, business building guides and roadmaps as well as a kit that includes everything you need to get started, in addition to two days of in-person training.

How it Works

Choose the class dates that you can attend in-person, and register online.

You will get an email from us with instructions on how to access your online course immediately.

Brilliant Lash Pro will mail out your kit within 2-3 business days.

Complete the Foundations course and Practice Exercises before in-person class. There will be a quiz when you arrive.

Attain the required experience you need to be a successful lash artist by spending two consecutive days, practicing on live models with our educator.

Following your in-person experience, you will be guided through the next steps of building your career with our Road to Expert Course and ever-evolving course materials.

Who Is It For

Beginners who are looking to establish a successful lash business, and want more than just the basics of lashing

Intermediate lash artists who would like to further their education, learn new techniques/perspectives and set themselves apart

Advanced lash artists who are ready to expand their business and open new doors

*An esthetics or cosmotology license is required in most states to perform lash extension services. Please check your local state guidelines. You may complete this course i you have proof of current enrollment in beauty school.

What You Will Learn

Lash Theory
Product Knowledge
Safety + Disinfection

Practice Exercises
Eyepad Placement
Hand & Tweezer Positioning
Classic Lash Pick Up
Adhering Classic Lashes
Creating Volume Fans
Adhering Volume Fans
Removing Lashes

Client Consultation
Appointment Structure
Cleansing Lashes
Taping Lids

Road to Expert
Practice Review
Before Advancing Checklist
Audition Guide

Lash Model Agreement
Client Notes & Documentation
Client Registration
Expense Tracking Worksheet

The Business Launch
Business Basics Set Up
Licenses and Permits
Business Listings
... and more

Branding Workshop
Brand Purpose
Brand Goals
Target Audience
Visual Identity
... and more

What Is In Your Kit

A Complete Artistry Kit ($700+ value) by Brilliant Lash Pro is included in the Society Method.

You will receive:

- 3X Volume Tweezers
- 3X Classic Tweezers
- Magnetic Tweezer Case
- 2X Classic Lash Mixed Trays
- 4X Volume Lash Mixed Trays
- Onyx Adhesive Collection
- Black Magic Adhesive
- Delete Remover
- Hygrometer
- Clarity Cleanser (3 Sizes)
- Silicone Eye Pads
- Reusable Lash Wand
- Disposable Lash Wands
- Water Scrub Set
- Micropore Tape
- Adhesive Vessels
- Cosmetic Sponges
- Mannequin Face

Why Train With Us?

Danielle Rae, our lead educator built her reputation early by opening the first lash specialty salons in both San Diego and Monterey, CA. After living and breathing eyelash extensions for 16 years, she has invested the last 10 years to the growth of the industry by leading new lash artists down their path to success, by sharing her valuable knowledge and experience.

Danielle and the team at Garnet Lash Society are continually evolving the curriculums to include the most current trends and industry standards, ensuring the success of your lash businesses. We offer extensive online and in-person training as well as mentoring.

At Garnet Lash Society, we believe that every Lash Artist's success is vital to the reputation of the Industry. You can feel confident that you are being supported and elevated as you develop your business and we look forward to collaborating with your brand.

Class Schedules

Day 1 10am-4pm
10:00am-11:00am Welcome + Demo
11:00am-3:00pm Model Lashing
3:00pm-4:00pm Review + Next Steps

Day 2 10am-4pm
10:00am-11:00am Review + Demo
11:00am-3:00pm Model Lashing
3:00pm-4:00pm Review + Next Steps