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Garnet Lash Society

The Society Method

The Society Method

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Class Schedules

Weekend: 9:00AM - 2:30PM
Week Night: 3:30PM - 9:00PM

What It Is

After a decade of training and mentoring successful lash artists worldwide, we are confident that a successful career requires a balance of the mind, body, and soul of your business. We have mindfully thought out every detail of what you could possibly need to feel confident in pursuing this career, and included it in The Society Method

We've created a bundle of courses that include the science and theory behind eyelash extension application, detailed technique demonstrations, practice exercises, business building guides and roadmaps as well as a kit that includes everything you need to get started, IN ADDITION to two days of hands-on mentoring in person.

How it Works

Choose class dates that you can attend in-person and register online.

Brilliant will mail you your kit and an email will arrive with access to your online classes.

You will be expected to complete a portion before you show up in person.

You will then spend two consecutive days practicing on live models with the assistance of a Mentor.

After these two days, you will be guided through a series of stages and steps to take to guarantee confidence and success.

Who Is It For

Beginner’s who are looking to enter the lash world

Intermediate lash artists who would like to further their education and learn new techniques/perspectives

Advanced lash artists who are ready looking to be a Garnet Lash Society Educator

*An esthetics or cosmotology license is required in most states to perform lash extension services. Please check your local state guidelines. You may complete this course i you have proof of current enrollment in beauty school.

What You Will Learn

Lash Theory
Product Knowledge
Safety + Disinfection

Practice Exercises
Eyepad Placement
Tweezer Positioning
Classic Lash Pick Up
Adhering Classic Lashes
Creating Volume Fans
Adhering Volume Fans
Removing Lashes

Expert Approaches
Client Consultation

Hand Positioning
Eye Exercises + Lighting Ergonomics/Body Positioning Stretches + Strengthening

Your Space
Table + Chair Set Up Lighting
Salon Environment Appointment Set Up

Your Skills
Client Prep
Styling + Mapping
Classic Application
Volume Application
Hybrid Application Volume Fan Techniques
Lash Removal

Client Notes + Documentation Waivers

Client Relations
Client Situations
Proper Client Communication

Business Launch
Pricing Your Services
Growing Your Clientele
Building a Strong Portfolio
Social Media

What Is In Your Kit

A Complete Artistry Kit ($700+ value) by Brilliant Lash Pro is included in the Society Method.

You will receive:

- 3X Volume Tweezers
- 3X Classic Tweezers
- Magnetic Tweezer Case
- 2X Classic Lash Mixed Trays
- 4X Volume Lash Mixed Trays
- Onyx Adhesive Collection
- Black Magic Adhesive
- Delete Remover
- Hygrometer
- Clarity Cleanser (3 Sizes)
- Silicone Eye Pads
- Reusable Lash Wand
- Disposable Lash Wands
- Water Scrub Set
- Micropore Tape
- Adhesive Vessels
- Cosmetic Sponges
- Mannequin Face