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Business Launch Online Course

Business Launch Online Course

Are you a lash artist just starting your business?

Are you already self-employed, and feel like you need to better brush up on your business skills?

This course guides you through every piece of the process, from pricing, finding a location, policies and more. See our in-depth description below.

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*Disclaimer: this course is sold separately or included in our bundled Certification Courses.

About This Course

What It Is

This course guides you through the steps you need to take to establish your own business if you plan to be self-employed.

How it Works

Gain instant access to this online only course and work through it at your own pace.

Who Is It For

Beginners who are looking to establish a successful lash business

Intermediate lash artists who would like to further their education, learn new perspectives and set themselves apart

Advanced lash artists who are ready to expand their business

What You Will Learn

  • Important Business Accounts to Set up
  • Securing a Location
  • Business Licenses and Permits
  • Client Registration
  • Setting up your Space
  • Inventory
  • Cancelation Policy
  • Inventory
  • Service Menu
  • Pricing
  • Forms of Payments
  • Important places to have your business listed

Why Train With Us?

Danielle Rae, our lead educator built her reputation early by opening the first lash specialty salons in both San Diego and Monterey, CA. After living and breathing eyelash extensions for 16 years, she has invested the last 10 years to the growth of the industry by leading new lash artists down their path to success, by sharing her valuable knowledge and experience.

Danielle and the team at Garnet Lash Society are continually evolving the curriculums to include the most current trends and industry standards, ensuring the success of your lash businesses. We offer extensive online and in-person training as well as mentoring.

At Garnet Lash Society, we believe that every Lash Artist's success is vital to the reputation of the Industry. You can feel confident that you are being supported and elevated as you develop your business and we look forward to collaborating with your brand.